Coach Canada TorontoWelcome! Charter Canada is another fantastic venture that strives to make 6262481 Canada Inc very proud. Since the corporation started, we explored many different directions, but with the help and support of our dedicated employees and our loyal customers, we have triumphed over every obstacle in our way. Charter Canada uses the same principles as other services provided by 6262481 Canada Inc, implementing the sacred rules that we believe in greatly within our company. These sacred rules are the foundation of our corporation. They are: Quality, Value, and Satisfaction. Even beyond these sacred rules, though, is our fundamental commitment to safety. Safety is our number one priority all the time. The golden promise to our customers from 6262481 Canada Inc. is that we will never compromise safety to gain anything. With Charter Canada, you can always rely on us to have Quality, Value, Satisfaction and Safety all included in our service. 




Since we cherish our customers, we are providing as much service as we can for the convenience of our costumers. We are offering many different services within Charter Canada, such as Shuttle Bus, Charter Bus, Limousine, as well as Guided and Unguided tours. We have a well trained and dedicated group of staff, with a great company supporting from behind every step of the way. Thus you will get great services and uncompromised value and safety for your satisfaction.

Your Safety is our #1 priority Charter Canada provides safe and reliable services. Our sacred rules are Quality, Value & Satisfaction.




Charter Canada's ServicesCharter Canada offers the following services:

  • Shuttle Buses
  • Charter Buses
  • Limousines
  • Guided and        Unguided Tours


    Your safety is our #1 priority!
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